Rocking Horses and UK Horse Riding Clubs

Rocking horses and UK Riding Clubs recognises that horse lovers appreciate rocking horses which exhibit the finest characteristics of a real horse. Victorian rocking horses, on the other hand, showed little if any genuine equine personality and were more likely to be rather fearsome caricatures, with flaired red nostrils and ears!

Nowadays, a small number of the finest rocking horse carvers, particularly those who comprise the Kensington Rocking Horse Horse Company, specialise in detailed rocking horse carving and special finishing techniques, which give rise to a style of rocking horse which seems to appeal much more to the equestrian community than ever before.

As the rocking horse stable is being carefully but steadily expanded to include the finest examples of the craft from rocking horse carvers with both an eye for a horse and the expertise and dedication to realise their creation, you can find the latest rocking horse news and contact details by following the link below to:

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